Time Lapse Video

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Time lapse video stands alone as a unique platform, offering companies and organisations the opportunity to provide a visual narrative that is accessible, digestible and downright impressive.

Ideal for the likes of construction, architectural, interior design and demolition companies, time lapse video is also suitable for the likes of charities or organisations who wish to record and document footfall at special events.

Furthermore, our time lapse services include remote access, delivering progress reports straight to the end user. This serves to boost efficiency by reducing the need for site visits. Remote surveillance can also serve to enhance staff working practices, boost productivity, and identify potential security and health and safety issues.

At Aspect Media our talented team can install time lapse equipment with little or no disruption, and provide remote access throughout the duration of the project. Once filming is complete, we can edit, soundtrack and deliver the perfect time-lapse video solution.

We’re also on hand to promote your video through your website, social networks, newsletters or as part of a professional company presentation.