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17th July 2018

Search Engine Optimisation

We were recently tasked with improving the organic search performance of Lumiere Facial Clinic - an established skin care clinic based in Bangor, Co. Down.

The first stage of the process involved a discussion about the clinic’s business objectives to help us refine and tailor our approach. This would later enable us to determine a shortlist of keywords and phrases relevant to these objectives, forming one of the cornerstones of the project.

Beginning with an SEO audit of the current website, we used in-house tools to retrieve current rankings and visitor numbers, which acted as a ‘health check’ on the current site and created a baseline to monitor the website’s future performance.

The use of key search terms and phrases remains one of the most important parts of the optimisation process. Using the pre-determined keywords and phrases identified in the initial stages of the process, we updated both the website's metadata and main page content. It is important to note, that whilst the use of keywords and phrases is important, it was also vital to ensure that these keywords did not appear out of place or detract from the quality of the written content. Instead, they were seamlessly embedded into the current text.

Search engine optimisation does not, however, depend solely on keyword-enriched content, and there were several other factors which could potentially improve the website ranking. We paid close attention to the structure of the website, combining pages and restructuring the menus to create a more concise and intuitive navigation system. A review was also conducted to ensure that internal links were correct and to remove any broken links that may have existed.

Based on the objectives of the business, we made the decision to focus on personalised search, focussing on the Bangor area to reflect the business location.

How did we measure our results? Throughout the project, we recorded statistics, comparing them to the original baseline rankings that we had collected in the initial stages, and found that not only had the rankings improved dramatically, but visitor numbers also increased for organic search results, reducing the need for paid adverts and demonstrating the success of the project.

Here at Aspect Media, we can offer a range of SEO packages tailored specifically to the needs of your business.

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