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“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life” 
Pablo Picasso

The COVID 19 pandemic sent shockwaves through the Arts and Charity sectors. Funding channels ground to a halt, public spaces closed and, consequently, digital devices became the only portal through which we could engage with the arts.

The closure of galleries underscored the importance of art in our lives. Art matters. It grabs us in the moment. It can comfort, invoke, educate, change opinion, and alter perception.

We’ve helped lots of arts organisations tackle the biting reality of successive lockdowns, reshaping how they can engage in the absence of face-to-face contact. Two recent projects were focused on maintaining and enhancing opportunities for the public to engage with art, despite the inaccessibility of public spaces.

Artcetera Studio - an independent, not for profit gallery in Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter, provides a vibrant and inclusive setting for free exhibitions and art-focused social activities. Lockdown allowed them to reassess their visual identity, digital presence and how they engaged with their audience. Feeling underwhelmed, they decided it was time to modernise.

Firstly, they had no website, relying on ad hoc Facebook and Instagram posts for brand awareness. Secondly, their logo felt tired and unsuited to both their physical space and digital presence.

In response we developed a series of visual concepts, eventually settling on a quirky new logo using a bold typeface, vibrant colour palettes and elements of the unique street art that adorned the physical studio. Once the brand was agreed, it was rolled out for use on signage, print and social media.

We then designed and developed a fresh new website, featuring a striking colour scheme and straightforward navigation. Brand consistency – undoubtedly lacking up to this point – was achieved, providing a high impact rebrand in time for the easing of restrictions and the return of visitors.

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