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5th July 2019

Food Photography

These days, social media feeds are brimming with images of food.

From a customer’s perspective, a few simple screen taps can reveal powerful insights into what to expect from your restaurant experience. In short, a food image on a smartphone screen can often directly lead to a restaurant being packed to the rafters or full of empty tables.

It’s a busy battleground and restaurants only have seconds to make a positive impression. Presentation is everything, and images of food influence public perception on brand profile, quality, atmosphere and value.

User generated content also plays a key role. Positive food blogs about scintillating scallops can easily go viral while a poor review on TripAdvisor or Instagram can cause untold damage. When working with our clients in the restaurant sector, we always emphasise the importance of professional photographs which accurately represent the customer experience.

Sure, it’s easier than ever to save money by snapping a hot plate with an iPhone and uploading to Facebook. Bloggers like Minimalist Baker and  Uyen Luu are fantastic examples of how to cook, shoot and upload your own images but unless you have an eye for detail and give serious consideration to lighting, props, angles and contrast, you could be at risk of losing customers before they’ve even walked through the doors.

These days, people like to see what they’ll be eating. In addition, photographs help to tell the story behind the dish – whether it’s the chef, kitchen, waiting staff or owners, images connect with people’s emotions and influence decision making. In addition, it’s a great way to promote specific dishes like daily specials or chef’s recommendations or encourage replacement bookings following an unexpected cancellation.

Restaurant owners are passionate about food. Passionate about ingredients, passionate about the supply chain. Passionate about taste, service and staying ahead of the competition.

It’s vital though, in the digital age, some of that passion is channelled into how those signature dishes appear to the outside world.

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